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"The first thing I noticed about this short is the soundtrack, by composer Barbara J. Weber. The soundtrack is simply perfect for this short and it really did a lot to help convey a particular atmosphere of gloom and impending doom. Weber's soundtrack was so perfect that I looked her up..."
- Scott Shayer - from about "Baggage" score.

Barbara J Weber Reviewed by Maynards Horror Diary

"The music is superbly atmospheric"
- Maynard's Horror Movie Diary - about Weber's score for "A Chance In Hell".

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The first thing that I noticed about Barbara J Weber’s music was the sweep and drama in her soundtrack pieces. From the opening track in her Soundcloud catalog, “Grundge Mosh Pit”, it is apparent that these are no ‘ordinary’ soundtrack compositions. It is not just pretty, decontaminated sound to fill in the silent or transitory spaces. Barbara’s tracks are masterfully composed and executed, and could easily be whole and necessary parts of any audiovisual material or just simply standalone songs.

Covering a range of influences from rock to classical to funk to ambient and back again, Barbara’s wonderful music tones build up and simmer down seamlessly. It’s changing and evolving moods prove that you don’t need lyrics to create a story or an emotion.

Barbara explores the dynamics of minimalist electronic structures leading to more expansive, layered musical pieces. Her writing can be haunting, ethereal and romantic or simply upbeat, energetic and pounding. Her arrangements can switch notes and tones at the drop of a hat, with strings and synths weaving in and out.

Tracks like “150 Mph”, “James Brownish” and “Beat Magic” could easily nestle its way into any current electronic music producer’s personal portfolio; as could “Thankful” and “BlissfulGlide Mstr”. Technically brilliant, each song is performed with artistic and emotional significance, yet with tunes that are easily memorable.

Barbara J Weber creates musical pieces that are captivating, incredibly powerful and very emotional. She is able to create heart-warming feelings that could bring tears to your very eyes, the one-minute, and then take your imagination to their furthest limits, the next.

In a nutshell, Barbara J Weber’s arrangements are transporting, evocative musical scores that inspire thoughts and feelings about ourselves and our relationship to everything that surrounds us; reminding us of the importance and deep communicational power that music can have.

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